Marketing Specialty Publication 16 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2022 GAMES O!cial Wordle The Party Game You share your scores every morning. Now, you can play together analog style, in person with the o!cial Wordle board game from Hasbro, inspired by The New York Times’ Wordle Game. For 2-4 players, age 14 and up. $19.99 at amazon.com You Are The President: The Game of Big Decisions Help them tackle the big questions like, should teenagers be given the vote? Should fun jobs get lower salaries? In this new board game you are the President, and you decide. Ethical dilemmas and debate abound. 3-6 players 14 and up. $35 at Barnes & Noble and amazon.com Star Wars: The Clone Wars — A Pandemic System Game Clone Wars fans can defend the Republic as legendary Jedi, including Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, by using the cooperative Pandemic game style to complete missions across the galaxy. Wield the Force and defeat the Dark Side. 1-5 players 14 and up. $59.99 at Target and target.com Coyote & Crow RPG game Created by an all-Native team led by Connor Alexander, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation living in Seattle, this sci-fi/ fantasy tabletop roleplaying game is set in a First Nations alternate future where colonization never happened. QWorkshop custom dice set ($30) sold separately. $70 at Meeples (West Seattle) and coyoteandcrow.net Rainbow Bunny Bop Card Game Created in Seattle, this fast and furious, family-friendly, slightly addictive card game makes a great stocking stu"er for any age. Players race to build rainbows and be the first to play all of their cards in 2–5-minute rounds of 2-4 players. $14.99 at rainbowrabbits.com The Boys: This Is Going to Hurt, The Board Game Based on the comic “The Boys,” which inspired the series, this locally designed game pits players against characters like Butcher, Hughie and Frenchie. Complete missions to earn money, blackmail and resources to take down Homelander. 2-5 players age 17 and up. Deluxe Kickstarter Edition includes Homelander Bust, miniatures and comic, on sale for $66 (reduced from $110) at Meeples and meeplesgames.com PlayStation 5 EA Sports FIFA23 Your soccer fan can play the biggest tournaments with both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup, powered by realistic HyperMotion2 animation; build a dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team; and manage famous names in Career Mode. $69.99 at Target and target.com Destiny2 Lightfall preorder The newest Destiny title from Bellevue- and Seattle-based Bungie releases Feb. 28, 2023, but preordering it now instantly unlocks the exotic ghost, a weapon and exclusive neon emblem. Pre-order the annual pass for a Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle and Exotic Emote. For Xbox Series XS, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Steam. $49.99-$100 at bungie.net Stray The surprise hit game from indie French company BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive is out for PS5 and PS4, giving more people opportunity to play from the point of view of a stray orange tabby cat, untangling an ancient mystery to escape a dystopian city. $23.99 at playstation.com Nintendo Switch Sports Get them moving with soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, even Chambara swordplay right on the Switch using Joy-Con controllers that curve a bowling ball, add spin to a tennis shot and even kick the soccer ball in a shootout. Play with friends in the same room or online. $39.99 (digital)-$49.99 (physical) at nintendo.com The best gift I ever received !"#$%&'($"#")*$'%#(+,%-+.'%-/0")%1$/."+0%"2% 3'0$%1'*$$4'5%3'%*44%6*7'%8(+92%/:%$*;"28% :("7*$'%,/0")%4'00+205%<7'2%"#%"$%"0%=/0$%#+(%*% #'9%0'00"+20>%4'*(2"28%*%2'9%"20$(/,'2$%#(+,% *%4+)*4%,/0")"*2%"0%*2%'?:'("'2)'%$6*$%9"44%2+$% ."0*::+"2$5%3'%6*7'%0+%,/)6%*::(')"*$"+2%#+(% $6'%('0+/()'0%*2.%+::+($/2"$"'0%$6'('%*('%"2% $6'%*($0%#+(%@+/$6%"2%1'*$$4'5 Local teen pop band WEST SEATTLE THEM See “The Car EP” on page 17